Can't buy domain

i try alot time not work and change update my info still can’t buy domain and show message Please make sure all required fields are filled out properly.

Can you post a picture of that screen with the error? It’s ok if you blur or black out your sensitive information.

That doesn’t look like the entire screen. It looks like there’s more below your name.

Having the exact same issue I actually attempted to make a purchase last week and got this error and thought it was a temporary system error but apparently not because it’s still happening when I try to checkout. Oddly enough my domain I was attempting to purchase was purchased by someone else weird… I need to register my domains tonight.

We are also facing same issue even after entering all the details. Looks like a bug in the system. It worked well before. Please try to register a domain to replicate the issue.

problem Phone number registration not show fail.

now i can register

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What’s the format or fix for the phone number? I’ve tried the format used in the example to no avail.


example: +xxx.xxxxxx with dot


+1.xxxxxxxxxx worked for me. Thanks for everyone commenting on this topic. I was really stuck and frustrated.

Would you mind sharing the direct URL to register NEW domains? Since it seems that is what you are trying to do there. I can;t internally find that link

I just registered a domain with that very screen, and noticed this on that page above the phone number field:
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 7.57.37 PM