Can't build the website due to DNS nameservers

I purchased a domain name with Cloudflare today to use the hosting from my other website on Bluehost. It was probably the worst decision possible as I cannot point it to Bluehost and there is not enough information for newbies like me in the Cloudflare community. I’m hoping my refund for domain name request (ticket no: 2308664) will be processed as soon as possible so I can stop looking for troubleshoot solution and start building my website.

This shouldn’t be so hard for someone like me with little knowledge on DNS and servers. I wish CF would guide people like me better with some guidelines.

I hope this post would be a warning people, who are trying to build a website from different domain registrars and hosting companies.

There are a lot of folks using bluehost and cloudflare together, I don’t understand from your post what error you are seeing nor trouble. to #setup you need to find out the IP of your bluehost server, check the dns A record on your cloudflare dashboard matches that IP. At the moment, your records look fine (although you could remove the two bluehost ns records, they’re not not needed. The IP of the A record is a bluehost ip and I guess it’s correct. The ssl certificate is in place but it looks like there is not a site on that server as I am getting a 404.

Great #tutorials and #CommunityTip are a :search: if you run into any issue. And, post back and let us know how it’s going.

I’m sure a lot of people use them together with no problem but I can’t make them work together.
I have been looking for the tutorials and community tips all day, some people seems to have resolved their issues while others couldn’t reach a solution. I don’t think this process should be that complicated that I have to look through the forum and try to find what works and what doesn’t work.

Below you can see my DNS settings, at the beginning the site was showing “This site is being built” but I get 404 not found since yesterday. I can’t even access Wordpress interface at the moment and therefore can’t build the website.

If you check my A records through the DNS Checker It doesn’t point to Bluehost, which is

You currently have a general security issue as that server does not have an SSL certificate for your domain. That’s something you need to discuss with your host.

As you can see below and test yourself through, SSL certificate is valid and implemented through CloudFlare.

Yeah, I am afraid that’s not how it works.

You are checking the proxy certificate in your screenshot, so that’s useless as far as your server security is concerned. As I said, you need to talk to your host about that.

Can you tell me specifically what is the security problem that you found and how it is related to the 404 error?

I explained that at Can't build the website due to DNS nameservers - #4 by sandro already.

You probably best pause Cloudflare for now and work that out with your host.

Thanks, that was not helpful at all.

I changed A and CNAME records from “Proxied” to “DNS Only” as per Bluehost support’s suggestion and they say it is still propagating that can take up to 48 hours. Let’s see…

Yep, and you now have a valid certificate on you server and your site is secure. You can now enable proxying again. Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

But you had to complain that my response was not helpful :roll_eyes:.

Well to be fair, you pointed to the hosting provider to solve their problem but it turned out to be a DNS issue that can be solved through CF dashboard.

Now my concern is that if I enable proxying again, it would create the same problem.

No, the issue was not DNS related but a missing SSL setup on your server, just as I explained. Now that you have that, it of course works.

Again, make sure you are on Full Strict (because you were not) and you should be good to go.

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