Can't Browse my site ERROR 525 THEN TOO MANY REDIRECTS

My website has been working for the last two years and suddenly it went down due to ssl, though I have an ssl active “free” from cloudflare, i escalatedt to my domain host they referred me back to the clooudflare, before it was showing cannot reach now the error is too many redirects

You need SSL on your server first. Do you have that?

on my host “ionos” they want to force me to use their NS to activate the ssl

Then check out or Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates.

i will check and let you know, thank you for your response

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


Make sure your encryption mode is set to Full Strict.

it is showing error 525 again, so here is what I did:

I have disabled Cloudflare, went to my host, and removed Cloudflare NS.
The Next Step was adding my host original NS,
then activate the SSL on my host side, IONOS,
now the website is up.
I will reactivate the Cloudflare and restore the NS on my host and check

Should be working fine now.


Make sure you are on “Full Strict” and you should be good to go.

yes it is working without cloudflare, now i have enabled cloudflare and changed the ns, i am waiting for it to propagate

The screenshot was a Cloudflare screenshot.


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