Cant block any ip address in firewall / tools / IP access rules

For the last day or two I am unable to block any IP address in the firewall IP access rules.

I get this message:-
Country, IP address, or ASN not recognized

Also the field where you should enter the IP, ASN or country you want to block is a drop down box with just countries listed.

Looks to me like the field has been formatted just for countries and will no longer allow IP addresses or ASN’s

Hope someone can help as I can no longer block the IP addresses of people who are attacking our website.

Best regards

Cloudflare recently did mess up a bit that particular UI a bit, but you can still add IP addresses. Enter the IP address, then select it from shown list beneath the text box, and then click Add.

Hi Sandro

Thank you very much for your help. Following your instructions it works perfectly!!

Best regards


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