Can't authenticate DKIM cert following google instructions

I am trying to add a DKIM cert following google instructions and I cannot get it to authenticate. Does anyone know why? I used DNS only settings on the TXT record.

Without knowing the domain and the selector, it will be impossible for anyone to preform a test query of your DKIM record.

dmarcian has DKIM Record Checker and a DKIM Validator that may prove helpful for troubleshooting.

Thank you, I tried both resources. The DKIM validator says that the DKIM is valid, but the DKIM record checker says it is missing.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS that shows the entry for this DKIM record? You can obfuscate the domain name for privacy if you wish.

There are three records it looks like–because I tried with 2048 and and the lesser number of characters as well…the one circled in green in the most recently added, less character DKIM…

If the selector is google, it looks okay. I would delete the previous two entries if you already removed them from Google. It’s easier to stay on top of key maintenance when only active keys are in your DNS.

I wouldn’t use less than 2048 on any current key. Cloudflare handles them just fine.

I deleted all the keys and put back the 2048 and am still unable to authenticate. Any other suggestions?

I assume u want to setup mta-sts
if workspace custoner better check google support. Troubleshoot DKIM issues - Google Workspace Admin Help.

the dificult part would be mta-sts.txt sometimes could not be fetch.

Thank you. I think the problem was that the record info needed to be broken into multiple groups using quotes. I was able to do that using the “dig” tool listed in the troubleshooting link you posted Sales6. Thank you!

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