Can't added extra website (I know about the issues)

Hi all,

I know that there are issues with the billing and added extra domains. It’s a few weeks now.

I was wondering or there is another solution to added a new website/domain?



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Are you experiencing a specific problem?


Yes, I can’t added an extra domain/website anymore. Ik receive a billing issue with code: 1292.

“Refer to for assistance. For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile. (Code: 1292)”

I want to change my creditcard, but this is also not possible.

Can somebody help?


Can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,


Thanks for your response. Ticketnumber: 3227119.


I have submitted an escalation request. You should see a response here when it is being reviewed.

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Thanks for your help. I have contact with a collegue of you. Issue solved!


Best Marc


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