Can't Add Years to UK domain

I’ve transferred 2 UK domains over to Cloudflare and I need to add years to it before it expires. Looking at another post I tried to update the contacts data to update the contacts data but I get error Failed to update WHOIS code: 10000.

Looking at the whois I have both:
Domain Status: clienttransferprohibited
Domain Status: pendingtransfer

I also raised a ticket 2372760.

Hi @kit,

Can you confirm this is still an issue? It is usual when transferring in a uk domain not to be able to add years for a few days but it should not be a permanent issue.

I’ve escalated your ticket as well.

It was still an issue. Unfortunately I could not wait any longer. After 3 business/5 calendar days, I’ve fixed it myself by transferring both domains out of CF.

Thank you for escalating the issue. It was escalated to the Registrar team by Salvador also on Friday and Monday.

I am sorry you could not wait.

Our Registrar team found an issue and even when WHOIS was showing that domain was already on Cloudflare, the Registry was not completing the transfer and that is why you were unable to add years.

This is a rare case and we can escalate again in the future if needed, we just had to wait a few more days for the transfer to complete.

Thank you to Salvador and Registrar team for looking into this issue.
I appreciate the support and solutions that I had received.

You are welcome!

Usual for who? I have 1000’s of domains across many registrars and have never ever come across this issue and have evidence to the contrary - I transfer domains primarily to reduce renewal costs, meaning I more often than not add years immediately after transfer.


That’s not my experience, I’ve been able to renew .uk domains pretty much immediately after transferring in to Cloudflare. I’ve transferred over 500 so far. I’ve certainly never had to wait days to renew.