Cant add web email to my gmail after cloudflare

I have added cloudflare to my site and after that I cant add my website email to my gmail for receiving emails. I can send emails as [email protected] from my gmail but when I add this email id to receive email it shows “Error connecting to mail address”.

I am using a shared hosting and here is list of dns records.

List of DNS records on cloudflare

Try to disable the proxy for the CNAME - record?

Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic with few supported ports:

So when you turn on proxy mode for subdomains that are running other services (e.g. mail service), connection will fail.

Yes. It worked for me.Thanks Alot
But why it cannot be proxied ? Why I cant use SSL on emails?

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Cloudflare core service only protects websites (HTTP/HTTPS in particular).

But, you may take a look at Cloudflare Spectrum. It extends protection to almost any TCP/UDP applications. This includes protection of SMTP traffic, but more configuration is required. This is a paid add-on.

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