Can't add unregistered domain, but I need a dns answer to register it

I’m having the following problem.
I’m trying to get a domain.
In order to be able to add a domain in cloudflare, I need to have the domain registered,
but in order to register the domain, I need a DNS answering queries for the domain I’m registering a a precondition.
Is there a way to solve this within cloudflare, or should I setup a different dns to register the domain?

You will need an answering nameserver to add your domain.

Typically your registrar provides that. If that is not the case you can check out or

I’ll check the links you give me to see if I can solve this. The problem I’m having is that, the registrar ask for me to setup an answering dns in order to register it (because domains are treated differently in Argentina)

Well, if you don’t even have the domain registered at this point, we are far off from setting it up on Cloudflare :slight_smile:

You need a domain and it needs to have responsive nameservers.

Give a try. They might be able to provide DNS before you register your site.

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