Can't add the custom domain to R2 bucket in my account

Hello, I am facing problems adding a custom domain to one of my R2 buckets. I even contacted Discord support for R2, they gave me the option to check the invoices, and I had one marked as partially paid. I raised a ticket with the billing support team, and they said they fixed that, but I still can’t add any domain to it.

Any ideas about this problem itself? I can provide the domain if needed. Thanks in advance for all the help!


Could you kindly provide me the ticket number ?

Besides, while adding your custom domain is there any error displayed ?

Kindly review this document regarding adding custom domain to R2 bucket : Public buckets · Cloudflare R2 docs

Thank you

Hello @hkrishnan thanks for the response!

Yes sure, the ticket number was #3246221.

About the error, no, I don’t get any errors while adding the custom domain to the R2 bucket. The status in the beginning aays Initializing, but after like some seconds, changes to Unknown. If I refresh the page to check the status, it is the same, Unknown.

One thing I noticed is that all of my domains are all marked as Do Not Upgrade, or something like that. But as far as I know, I don’t have any pending invoices to cause that, I guess.

Many thanks for the help on this matter!

Hello, I reviewed the document about the public buckets again and still got the same results. Domain status is unknown, for all the domains in the account.

I don’t have any more ideas of what can cause this issue to happen. For now, I can still use the public link to the bucket but would like to have the custom domain feature working.

Even reviewed the CNAME flattening, only have it enabled in the apex zone, not with the subdomains.

Again, many thanks for the help on this matter!

Hello again @hkrishnan

Sorry for tagging on this topic, but to update you that the issue is still occurring.

Did you get any updates from the support team?

I just ran out of ideas to solve this problem.