Can't add sub domain that acts as alias

i have a main website which is to my vercel hosting for blgos

and i want to add new sub domains for my application using

But when i access it there is an error by cloudflare it says: Error 1000 Ray ID: 844a296c3d4768e1 • 2024-01-13 02:20:44 UTC DNS points to prohibited IP

They want you to add a CNAME, not an A record with an IP address. There are instructions here:

Thank you for answering my questions
actually i already tried it and use CNAME for n8n that pointed to the subdomain

Turn off the proxy mode for those CNAME entries. They should be :grey: and not :orange:.

I tried to change it from proxied to dns only

but it had same result

Yes, your n8n name is successfully set up as a CNAME to, which seems to be what their instructions are telling you to do.

That address is ultimately resolving to a Cloudflare CDN address, and an error is resulting.

Did you add the custom domain at You do need to do it at both ends.

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