Can't add second server as subdomain


I have a domain >> CloudFlare >> server (
Now I have rented a second server (with a different IP address and want to connect it as a subdomain.

So that the main one was: - (IP
And the second one was - (IP

[IP addresses are taken as examples]
In the DNS section I am trying to add a new “CNAME” record with the name “subdomain” and in the target field I indicate the IP address of the new server “”.

When I try to add a record, I get the error “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid”.

What am I doing wrong?
Maybe I need to do some other manipulation?

CNAMEs use hostnames for a value. You need to create an “A” record in order to use an IP address.

Thank you, it works!

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