Can't add R2 Subscription

Our website is severely impacted since several days.
Everytime I try to add the R2 Subscription to my account it says I have unpaid invoices even though I haven’t.
Please fix immediately
Ticket number: #3292853

We are having Billing issues relating to subscription adjustments. The majority of issues with managing/canceling subscriptions for account holders are due to unpaid invoices.

Please kindly raise a ticket if needed. If you already have a ticket, Support will respond to you on that ticket. Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community. Thank you!

I have already opened a ticket 4-5 days ago. No one is responding nothing, as I said our website is basically not working at the moment. They closed my ticket and opened a new one, I did all the things but now they’re not responding again. If its possible please check the ticket number #17419451

Our support team has replied to the ticket with the latest update. Please check your ticket for more details.

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