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I have just signed up to Cloudflare because 2 websites that I host are being targeted by bots on an hourly basis performing DDOS attacks with multiple POST requests per second.

Unfortunately, i’m not able to add the websites to Cloudflare because I get the message “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains”

The domains have the scot . nhs . uk suffix, this is the suffix for all NHS websites in Scotland.

I have checked the public suffix list, and unfortunately scot . nhs . uk is not listed although nhs . uk is (which is the suffix for NHS websites in England).

Is it possible to have these websites added another way, or will you only accept websites that are on the public suffix list?

If they cannot be added to Cloudflare, I am not sure how else to resolve the ongoing DDOS attacks which are having a detrimental effect on other websites residing on the same server.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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That is what we’re expecting. In this case, I suspect a glitch, I was able to add without an issue, and. noticed another community member tried and tested as well and was able. Grab a screen shot if you get the error again.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately still getting the error, see attached.

It’s because, as the alert says, it’s not a root domain. You should add instead.

IIRC custom zones for subdomains are available for Enterprise users only.

OK so basically Cloudflare is useless to all health service websites in Scotland then unless I were to sign up for an Enterprise account which I am not willing to do for the sake of stopping a bot on 2 fairly small websites, because scot(.)nhs(.)uk is not the website we need to add - that is simply the suffix for all health service websites in the whole of Scotland.

You’re right. Since is not a TLD, you won’t be able to add any subdomain of it to Cloudflare.

Hi @adrian23

or, you could submit to the as an amendment, Submit amendments to the Public Suffix List. With that, you can add the sites in question, as can any of the owners of the other health services sites in Scotland.

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