Can't add new page rules?


I need to add a new page rule so i went to:
Our domain → Rules → Page Rules, and there i can see 4 current rules and it says " You have -1 Page Rules left ."

I guess it should be a button like “Add new page rule” or something here, but i cant see anything like that according to the docs:

Will attach a image of how it looks like for me:

That actually looks like you have MINUS 1 Page Rule

Here is what I see with 1 Page Rule left:

Hey, are you on the free plan by chance?

The free plan only has 3 rules included, it seems like you somehow got a 4th and it’s created a weird situation. If you delete one you should see 0 left again.


That’s correct, didn’t notice the “-” minus… Thanks! We will contact billing support to help us!

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Hi @user50410,

I have checked your account and our tickets and was not able to find a ticket from the super administrator email for your account. Can you please provide a ticket ID here and we can escalate that for you?

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