Can't add new domain, error 1049, although it is registered

Hey there! I’m having trouble trying to add a new domain, the API returns the error 1049 saying the domain isn’t registered. But the domain is registered, it was registered more than 24 hours ago.

I’ve check the documentation about the error, and it says that one possible cause of this error is the domain not having any nameservers. Well, that’s the case, the domain is new, it was registered but the domain provider doesn’t add any nameserver by default.

Another possible cause is the domain not having any DNS records. And that’s also the case, as the domain doesn’t have nameservers, therefor it doesn’t have any DNS records.

How should I proceed in these cases?

Whoever you registered it with should have nameservers you can use temporarily. There’s usually a checkbox for “use default nameservers” or something like that, or you might have to check the registrar’s documentation. You don’t really need much in the way of pre-existing DNS entries but there do need to be nameservers at least.

(No idea what TLD it was but FYI for the future, Cloudflare Registrar allows direct registration in most of the common TLDs and a bunch of less-common ones, usually for cheaper than elsewhere.)

Thank you for your time!

The TLD is .cl and apparently the domains registered there don’t have default nameservers. The registrar is and domains are from Chile.

It’s weird because I could succesfully add another domain that hasn’t got any nameservers either. Is that possible? I mean, both domains have been recently registered, at different registrars, but none of them has nameservers. Still, Cloudflare lets me add one of them but not the other.

In case it helps, domains are these: (can’t add it) (added it succesfully).


I haven’t used it but I think I’ve seen people recommend if you need temporary nameservers

I’m not sure what happened with your other domain but since it was a completely different registrar, they might have automatically populated it with their own name servers… no way to tell now that it’s already on Cloudflare.

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