Can't add NAPTR record

I’m trying to evaluate ability of cloudflare DNS and register a free account.
My idea will be to use cloudflare DNS service to replace my current DNS.
I’m trying to add NAPTR records to my test domain and it’s fail.
Looks like cloudflare has some issue with their service?
Here is more details:

I create an A record:
A server1 5 min DNS only

them create SRV record:
15 50 7000 5 min DNS only points to and listens on _udp port 7000 for _sip services.

And now when I’m trying to add NAPTR record: has NAPTR record 10 100 “S” “SIP+D2U” “”

And it’s return me an error:
DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004)

I remove all the record and add them all over again, but still see the same error…
I double check all records and all ip’s and they are all correct. Same configuration work without any issue on other DNS servers. Looks like it’s bad idea to use such of buggy service and I’m probably will setup my own DNS server…

Any ideas?

It would seem you are trying to leave the regular expression field empty. I cant tell whether that is valid for that record type but Cloudflare does not seem to accept it. Enter an applicable value (possibly .*) and try again.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to do it when put just “” which hopefully will be fine.
Answer from support just make me laugh =))))

Cloudflare does not support NAPTR records currently. So, this is still on our roadmap but there’s no presentable ETA at this time. This is because of other higher priority ships.
Can you please check back in say a couple of months to see where we are at?

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