Can't add my site/domain

Not sure what category this falls under, but have a domain I want to add on my dashboard which I had on Cloudflare before, also nameservers at registrar are already set, but when trying to add it says “. is not a registered domain”.

Any tips? Thanks.

If they’re set to Cloudflare then they shouldn’t be - set them back to your registrar’s nameservers before adding it to Cloudflare.

Doesn’t sound like it will solve the issue at hand but will try. Thanks.

It will.

Query your domain against the Cloudflare nameservers you set and watch the query be refused. No SOA/NS => will be reported as unregistered.

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Would it take time to work?

Should be pretty quick - just see if dig NS @ returns your new nameservers and then give it a go.

To this moment it keeps giving the same message…

How do I do that??

; <<>> DiG 9.11.36-RedHat-9.11.36-3.el8 <<>> . @
;; global options: +cmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

??? Sorry for being a noob…

Do I understand correctly that one shouldn’t set Cloudflare nameservers before adding that domain to Cloudflare?

That’s correct. It’s an obvious misconfiguration of a domain’s WHOIS data when Cloudflare sees name servers that it did not assign.

This topic has been resolved. It may take some time but it will fix the problem. Thanks to @KianNH for the solution and support, cheers mate!

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