Can't Add My New Domain

I registered a domain in NameCheap “” but I can’t add it to Cloudflare. It keeps on giving me an error “ is not a registered domain (Code:1049)” but if you look at the Whois the DNS is already pointed to Cloudflare.

If you just added today sometimes you have to wait a few hours, I’ve tried to add 10-15 minutes after registration and it doesn’t let me, after 3-4 hours it normally works.

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I guess maybe you’re right, I’ll just wait later to register again. Thanks

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Please don’t do that. If you change your name servers to Cloudflare prior to adding the domain to Cloudflare, you leave it open for bad actors to take it over. That is not a good piece of advice.

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dig ns +short - no results whois
Name Server: GINA.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: TOM.NS.Cloudflare.COM - no results

@4PINOY, looks like you’ve changed the name servers to Cloudflare prior to adding the zone to Cloudflare. That leaves the domain open to hijacking,

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I am having the same issue and now the error message changed to
Any idea why?

Yes, I transferred it to CF DNS because I know it will ask me to replace it but unfortunately they have a problem adding domains now.

@moe, that looks like a temporary ban and you should contact support, to contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

@4PINOY, you should revert your nameservers back to the default asap and try to add the zone after 24 hours. Once added, then change the name servers.