Cant add my domain to cf


I am trying to add my domain kelt.BA to CF but every time i try to add site there is error: is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)

My domain provider said that the domain is registed, can you guys tell me why is this happening?


You already set Cloudflare nameservers before adding the domain. You cant do that. You need to set some other valid nameservers before that.

I am sure i can i have done that countless times, buy domain set my nameservers then just add to CF, but even before adding nameservers i couldnt add this domain dont know why.

That would have never worked.

Point your domain to nameservers which respond for it and then you can add it to Cloudflare.

I just tried to add domain again and it worked, also the nameservers are good and they can be added before, you can try it. For me Cloudflare always asigns same nameservers per each account.

I will mark this as resolved.

Of course Cloudflare assigns two nameservers, but these you have to set after you added the domain.

No it actually works even before i tested this thousands of time as we are agency, just use nameservers from some other domain on the same account and test for your self, as the nameservers are always the same.


The nameservers are the same but that does not matter. You need valid nameservers before you can set anything up.

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