Cant add my alert box and my stream doesnt let me add stuff

hello! i am brand new to this Cloudflare thing, However, i am a Twitch streamer, and i use Streamlabs OBS. When i try to add new scources, i get a Cloudflare sign, that wont let me add stuff. For some reason there has been a sort of blockage to my stuff.

Same thing happens when i try to login into my Nightbot account. i get a Capcha page, but when finishing i just come back to the login page. Cloudflare is also stopping me from login here

So what do i need to do in order to fix this Cloudflare blockage?

i attach a picture, so you more can see and understand what i am referring to.

best regards and thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear. That’s all you can do:

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