Can't add .ml domain to cloudflare

Today, I registered a .ml domain and added it to Cloudflare. However, I get the following message:
“Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.”
What is this? Please help me!!!

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I am afraid that your domain is registered under a TLD which is governed by the Freenom registry. Freenom currently experiences issues with their Whois service which prevents such domains from being added to Cloudflare. Freenom needs to fix that on their side. Unfortunately there is no ETA known for that.

It probably is best to register a proper domain instead. They already go for less than $10 a year (even as low as a dollar for something like .xyz for the first year). If you’re in education you could even get a free one for a year with Namecheap or

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Can you tell me more about it???
This is a screenshot when I tried using the Freenom Whois service:

Sorry for my bad English.

There’s nothing more to say, as this has been argued many times before. That’s why Albert’s reply was marked as the Solution.

Okay, I wanted to ask a few more things because in it he just said that Freenom’s Whois service has a problem. However, just saying “service has problems” seems a bit too general?
Maybe I’ll follow Albert’s next advice if there’s more money in my wallet.
Anyway we will wait until the bug is fixed
Maybe I said too much?

If you absolutely cannot afford a .xyz domain (<$1 for the first year), then there’s also the option of getting a free - it should work with Cloudflare just fine.


Why do you think that it’s Freenom having issues, and not Cloudflare? I was able to add my Freenom domain to NS1 without any issues.