Cant add https in my website and cloudflare dont ative my nameserver from my domain

I add cloudflare nameserver in my domain from 4 days but still its not active. When i contact to my domain providers they tell me that from our side all is good. But still my nameserver is not active in my cloudflare account.
Also i want to add https request in my website. How can i do that please help me.

Your site should have HTTPS up and running before you add it to Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?

My domain is
When i buy the domain that time i add the domain in cloudflare. But the website and domain is hosted today.

Also how i enable https in my website its now http

That site doesn’t have its own SSL/TLS certificate. It needs one to run securely. Ask your host to configure it for HTTPS.

Ahh but the HTTPS is given by the cloudflare.

Cloudflare does not put an SSL certificate on your server. Your host needs to do that. Trying to add HTTPS after you add your site to Cloudflare might cause your site to malfunction.

As for the name server setup, according to .xyz WHOIS, you have four name servers listed. You should only have the two Cloudflare name servers assigned.

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Now what should i do how i add https in my website. Whats the step. Also how i active my domain in cloudflare.

Ask your Hosting Provider to activate SSL for you.
When that’s done and finished you must remove all Nameservers that are not Cloudflare’s Nameservers.
The nameservers you must remove are:


Ohk so my domain is active in cloudflare but now i am getting and error 521 web server down.

Hi @aakashagrawal194,

Did you make sure your site was working with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare, as @sdayman recommended? If not, this is likely the reason why it is not working, since your site may not be configured to respond over HTTPS on port 443.

Before adding in cloudflare my website was working on http. But after when it active in cloudflare it automatically redirect me to https and show me 521 error. And the port is 80. When i change to 443 it show me 525 error. So i change the port again to 80.

This is exactly why this was recommended:

Here it is malfunctioning!

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Means what i do now actually.

You still need to get your host to configure your site with an SSL certificate so it works over HTTPS, this should ideally be done before you point your site to Cloudflare, but they should still be able to do it now.

Ohhk i need to make a ticket for that now. Thanks for helping

No problem, It looks like you might use Hostinger, so this may help you do it yourself, if needed.

Yaa i use hostinger but i buy only domain from that and i am hosting it in my vps which is from different website

OK, you will need to configure it on your VPS, then.

If your host wants you to get a paid SSL cert, you can always use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate if you plan to keep your site proxied through Cloudflare. A free cert authority such as Let’s Encrypt may be better, though, in case you ever remove your site from Cloudflare.

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Can you tell me should i need SSL in domain or in my vps

Already answered:

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