Can't add domain to microsoft 365

I bought a domain from Cloudflare for my new business, and now I want to be able to send and receive emails from that domain. I bought a Microsoft 365 Business account to use as an email client, but when I try to add the domain, it says

“We could not validate that your DNS hosting provider has added the DNS records used for ‎Microsoft 365‎ services. Typically it takes seconds for these changes to take effect, but sometimes it can take up to a few hours for the DNS records created to propagate through the DNS system. Please try again later or go back in the wizard and choose to add your own DNS records to manually configure the domain.”.

I’ve been back and forth with Microsoft IT, who tell me that everything looks fine from their end and they don’t know why it isn’t working to add the domain. I tried looking through the Cloudflare community postings, but I’m not seeing anything that looks quite like my issue.

How can I add my cloudflare domain to Microsoft 365?

First though would be that some of the records might be proxied :orange:. If you see any that are then you should unproxy them.