Can't Add Domain to Cloudflare account

I am not able to add domain to Cloudflare. It says domain not registered. However, it’s been almost a month since I registered it. Here’s the Whois info:

{ “records”: [ { “domainName”: “techposts[.]in”, “domainType”: “added”, “createdDateISO8601”: “2022-08-08T06:27:14+00:00”, “updatedDateISO8601”: “2022-09-02T13:52:12+00:00”, “expiresDateISO8601”: “2023-08-08T06:27:14+00:00”, “createdDateRaw”: “2022-08-08 06:27:14 UTC”, “updatedDateRaw”: “2022-09-02 13:52:12 UTC”, “expiresDateRaw”: “2023-08-08 06:27:14 UTC”, “audit”: { “createdDate”: “2022-09-02T13:55:34+00:00”, “updatedDate”: “2022-09-02T13:55:34+00:00” }, “nameServers”: [ “serena.ns.Cloudflare. com”, “elmo.ns.Cloudflare. com” ], “whoisServer”: ",

It’s weird that it already does have Cloudflare’s NS and is not added: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Please reset the NS to the original one, then try again adding it.


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