Can't add custom domain to pages project

I can’t add a custom domain to my pages project. It gives the error:

That domain is already associated with an existing project. Use a different domain or find the project already using this domain and remove it.

However, I do NOT have this www. domain in any pages or workers projects in my account! So I can’t remove it. I previously hosted this domain with HubSpot CMS and am moving it here to my own Cloudflare account. HubSpot also uses CloudFlares Pages/Workers to power their CMS and it appears they don’t release the domain from Cloudflare after removing it from the HubSpot account.

I have no way to clean-up this mess as I am no longer using HubSpot (the domain was deleted out of the account) and I have no access inside the Cloudflare dashboard to fix this.

The project domain is

I’ve escalated your post. As it is the end of the year, I’m not sure when you would get a response.

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I appreciate the escalation! These kind of problems always happen on weekends on holidays. :sweat_smile:

But ideally someone with the right tools/access would make this quick. I’ve also submitted a request with HubSpot as well to see if they can release the domain. But I don’t want the website to be down for like many days as that has real impact.

@Cyb3r-Jak3 I got it resolved! Thought it may be worth sharing to benefit others searching here in the future… there is a state for custom domains where it is inactive but not deleted. In this state the custom domain will not show on the Cloudflare dashboard for pages and workers! (I suggest Cloudflare change that). I guess the old mapping was “inactivated” when I had previously setup HubSpot CMS, but the old mapping was still there in data just “inactive” - but I couldn’t see this on the dashboard UI for pages/workers. I’d suggest Cloudflare could show inactive custom domain mappings for pages/workers and just show them maybe in a dark grey color and/or append (inactive) to where its shown. That would make it much easier to find.

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