Can't add CNAME record

when Cloudflare scanned my website to pull existing DNS records, it found an existing CNAME record on my DNS server. I deleted the record from my DNS server and from my Cloudflare dashboard. Then I attempted to add a new CNAME record to redirect. But I’m still getting the error message, “Code 81053, a CNAME record already exists with the host”. Is there anyway to get Cloudflare to rescan the website, or maybe to successfully add a new CNAME record? My website isn’t showing up because of this problem.

Sorry y’all. I’m fairly new to all this. Trying to figure out this problem.

Cloudflare won’t rescan because you’re now using Cloudflare DNS. If it says you already have a CNAME record with that name, it’s probably correct. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS screen? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

Instead of a rescan, you can import a DNS file if your host can generate one.

Thanks sdayman

I switched back to the Namecheap basic DNS while troubleshooting in order to remove the existing CNAME record. Here’s the screenshot while in basic DNS

After I switch back to custom DNS and add the Cloudflare name servers, I’m still not able to add the CNAME in my Cloudflare dashboard

Appreciate your help

@ is shorthand for your domain name. You already have an “A” record for that.

I’m using Groove Pages to publish my website. Their video tutorial specifically shows to add the CNAME this way: with the @ symbol for name and for target. Maybe this is a problem on their end?

You can still do that, but you need to get rid of that “A” record with the IP address first.


That did the trick. The website is redirecting properly now. Thanks for your help!

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