Cant add certification SSl in my website

Good afternoon,
I generated an SSL certificate on cloudflare for my site, but it does not accept. It says “The certificate does not match the common name.”

Can someone help me please?

An Origin certificate? These never have the domain in the CN, but in the SNAs instead.

Where you got this error?

on the website where I bought the domain and I’m putting the certificate

So not an Origin certificate?

The certificate was generated by

The certificate on that site does have the domain in the CN right now


Though that whole domain is not on Cloudflare right now. You first need to add the domain to Cloudflare.

how can i put the domain in cloudflare?


That really is a very different issue from what you originally mentioned.

Before reversing the nameservers, I had placed the cloudflare nameservers, but it also gave error

What error? You still haven’t mentioned that.

Also, you first need to add your site to Cloudflare.

“The certificate does not match the common name.”

I already addressed that in the very first response. If it is an Origin certificate you’ll never have that. Equally with Universal certificates, but that does not mean it won’t work as the hostnames will be in the SANs.

If you need the hostname in the CN you need a dedicated certificate for $10 a month.

the certificate is from cloudflare


You will most likely need the $10 certificate.

Ok, thanks.
And sorry, I’m new to this part

But if you post details we could work that out. For starters, post a screenshot of the error.

when I go to add the certificate:


Add which certificate? Can you post the certificate? Just the certificate not the private key.