Can't add an existing domain as Cloudflare says its unregistered

Hello All,

So the domain is registered, similar to other several domains i already use with cloudflare. I even preemptively pointed the DNS to cloudflare DNS and the changes have propagated when i check at

It’s an domain, and i already have other domains “linked” to cloudlfare.

It’s a very short domain so the spelling are correct. It’s a top level domains, not a subdomain. Did i mention the spelling are correct? I have similar domains already “linked” to cloudlfare, from the same registrar.

I’ve tried cloudflare’s help system but for technical queries i’m limited to searching through knowledge base or post here in community support, where i can’t specify the domain.

Was it recently registered?
Did id had default nameservers set and did it resolve to either a Parking pare or not?
May I ask what is your domain name?

May I suggest reading below article related to your issue with your domain name:

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