Can't Add an "A" record to sub-domain

I just got off a chat with your hosting support.(namecheap) I told them that I need to add an A record to sub-domain. He told me I needed to update the record through Cloudflare because my domain(main domain) is pointing to cloudlfare DNS servers. But you cannot add a sub-domain to cloudflare to begin with. How can I update DNS records for a sub-domain if you’re not allowed to add sub-domains to cloudlfare account? Thank a bunch in advance : )

Cloudflare starts with regular DNS records of an apex domain. If your host has that subdomain configured on their server for you, all you need it a DNS “A” record for ‘subdomain’ and that IP address.

What’s the apex domain?

My main domain is friendloops. I’m trying to install an app on sub-domain “app.friendloops.”

I’m certain my sub-domain “app.friendloops” is currently configured on my host providers server. I can see the sub-domain inside the the cpanel and just recently added it 48 hours ago.

But when I visit the DNS zone editor inside the c-panel in order to add the record. All I see is the main domain “” and NOT the sub-domain “” Thank you for your feedback by the way : )

There’s nothing Cloudflare can do about that, but if you added that subdomain to your server, try adding an “A” record for ‘app’ in DNS here with the IP address of your server. It’s probably the same IP address as your other records here.

Thanks sdayman, I will try this. I probably got the wrong support agent on the other end because this sounds pretty straight forward. Thanks again!

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I really appreciate your input in this. But for some strange reason they keep telling me it is NOT possible to add an a record to my sub-domain because the main domain is pointing to cloudflare servers and that it needs to be done on the cloudflare side. I’m really confused as to what to do next. This should be straight forward stuff. I even shared a screenshot of what you told me and it’s as if they didn’t read it. They basically kept repeating themselves. Please help!

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