Can't add .ae domain name to Cloudflare

I am trying to add a new site to Cloudflare but I keep on getting the following message:

domain.tld is not a registered domain.

Any thoughts? The domain is a .ae domain name.

Show me a screenshot of the error

I believe the domain needs some time to propagate but I posted the question to check if there is any restriction on CF to .ae TLD.

Do you already have a working site on that domain?


Hi @sdayman,

Thanks for sharing the Community Tip. I actually just got the domain name. Usually, I add sites to CF right after purchase. However, .ae domain names undergo a verification process on purchase so I believe it is a matter of propagation time - as long that CF has no limitation on TLDs then it should work in 48 hours. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t know what that looks like before and after that process, or how long that takes. Other than what the Community Tip says, that’s all I can offer without knowing the actual domain name.

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So, it turned out to be a DNS propagation issue. Since the domain is a .ae domain, the registrar had to validate the purchase and then activate the domain. Once the domain got activated, the DNS records needed some time to propagate. Then, I was able to add the site to Cloudflare.


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