Can't add a .wiki domain

Hello. I’ve registered " " and trying to this domain name to my CloudFlare account.
The domain name has been registered for a couple of days already - Whois Lookup Captcha but CF insists that domain is not registered, so it is impossible to add it.
Please help to resolve this issue.

Considering the domain already has Cloudflare nameservers assigned you must have already managed to add it to Cloudflare, right?

Unfortunately no, i haven’t managed it

Then how come there are Cloudflare nameservers? Of course you won’t be able to add the domain if you have invalid nameservers.

Set them back to whatever you had there before and you should be able to add it.

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Monosnap - this is where the domain is not accepted.
Sandro, i believe you know that nameservers are the same for all the domains on the account, so i just used the NSs i had with the previously added domains. I’m pretty sure that setting back NSs to whatever i had before will not help here.

I know the exact opposite, simply because what you said is not true I am afraid. Nameservers are always domain specific. What you did can’t work.

Anyhow, as I already said, set them back to their previous nameservers - which need to be valid - and it should work.

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You now have valid nameservers and should be able to add the domain. Considering that changing nameservers is an expensive task and can take up to two days, I’d still wait a day or so before trying again.

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Thank you, is online now. This issue is still a bit of a mystery to me.

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