Can't add a subdomain using CNAME

Hey, so whenever I try to create a subdomain using CNAME I get an error

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for C NAME record is invalid.

I’m trying to create a discord subdomain ( which redirects to, I tried with a direct discord link too and got the same error.

The domain hosting I’m using is Porkbun.

Did you try to put a full URL in the Target (required) field when creating the CNAME? That won’t work.

If you want to redirect a subdomain to a different URL, you could do it with a Page Rule as long as the hostname is proxied (orange-clouded).


This is what I did.

As I’d mentioned, that won’t work. That isn’t a valid target for a CNAME.

If you don’t want to do anything other than redirect the discord subdomain, create a AAAA record for discord instead of a CNAME, and set its IPv6 address (required) field to 100:: ensuring it’s proxied (orange-clouded). You can then create a Page Rule to do the redirection for it.


okay, thx for the help

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