Can't add a site?

Hi - apologies if this is stupid I am not particularly experienced with any of this.

I try to add my site using the panel in my account but whenever I enter my IP(80.111.XX.XX) it just says that it is invalid.

Any chance of a hand? Or am I misunderstanding the way this system works

A site is a domain, not an IP address. You need to add your domain.

:wave: @bbanerjee,

‘Add a site’ is probably poorly named. That is to add a new domain to Cloudflare. To add an individual host like www (which is what is commonly called a site) is done in the DNS section of the admin panel.

In your case it sounds like you want to add an A record for some host name.

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I don’t have a domain

Then you cant use Cloudflare.

Thank you! Unfortunately I cannot find the admin panel anywhere. Would that require I add a domain? Because I do not have a domain

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