Can't add a new website, or transfer a domain or contact support

For over a week know, I’ve been trying to add a website to our account, but I can’t finish the process because of the billing issues.

I’ve been trying to transfer management of a domain (unrelated to that new website) and I get an unknown error.

Trying to contact support by clicking “Contact Support” or creating a ticket just brings me back to my dashboard.

So I can’t do anything and I can’t contact support about it. Because of a billing issue. PLEASE what am I supposed to do?!

Hi @yproulx

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Our Billing Engineering are currently investigating and working on a fix with regards on this issue.

Please Cloudflare Status - Billing Errors - managing payment methods, subscriptions, paying invoices & inaccurate unpaid balances for the update.

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