Cant add a new credit card

cant add backup card to cloud flare…
active credit card on file is being closed. so we need to update card on cloudflare.

when adding a new one i get this error message

There is an issue with the payment information entered. Review and try again. (Code: 1201)

card and billing info are ok

Hi there,

This error can signify several things, typically the card info in Cloudflare does not match your card’s actual billing details. An error will result if the payment details are incorrect.

Double-check things match, if it continues to fail, send a ticket to support for further troubleshooting regarding this matter.

Please do not share full credit card numbers with us, we can troubleshoot issues without this information.


please close this ticket.
after confirming again with finance. they provided the incorrect billing info for the card.
its working now… thanks

Glad it worked out! :tada:

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