Can't add a domain. "Not registered as a domain"

So I bought a domain lets say “” and it’s not wanting to get added as a site. It’s just saying that it’s not registered as a domain. I bought it via Porkbun if that helps.

I’ve successfully added a .club and a .fun domain but my .cx one doesn’t want to get added.

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I’ve already checked the “Community Tip- Fixing Code: 1049 example is not a registered domain”, but it didn’t help me a bit.

Also just checked and it looks like it has nameservers.

Oh, you didn’t say anything about that.

What’s the actual domain? also didn’t say anything as I thought that would be common sense to search first before making a new post <3

You’d think so, but it’s not as common as we’d hope. :wink:

I believe you overlooked this part of the article:

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oo, that’s probably it! adding a record! now I must wait for them to start appearing.

Yups! Worked!


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