Cant activate trough cpanel hosting-partner, domain already exist



As the title, Cant activate trough cpanel hosting-partner, domain already exist.

This is the error message :
CloudFlare is already activated for “” under a different account. If you want to enable CloudFlare through this partner, please log in to your CloudFlare account and choose “Disconnect” on your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

But i cant find that domain on my cloudflare account. Then i remember coupke days ago i install cloudflare on other hosting account, but that hosting account already canceled.

How do i disconect my domain if i could not find any domain on my account?

How to disconenct with hosting partner if the account was closed.

Please help


Hi @pencilspirit, the zone is active through a partner for last 8 days in the same account to which you’re logged into here, it was also re added and deleted from that same account earlier today. I guess I’d start by contacting the partner through which you signed up and they should be able to point you in the right direction.


I already contacting previous hosting-partner (siteground) which i sign up, but got no response, since i am no longer using their service.

Thank u very much

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