Can't access "Zero Trust" page, 502 & 524 server errors

can’t launch “Zero Trust” page. When I click the link I get an “Authenticating App” page and then it goes to this error: “Error with getting account details - user api call returned 524” And sometimes I get a 502 error.

Have tried on more than one browser & in private mode.

I am also having this same issue. I have tried in private mode

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They’re working on it, known issue at the moment:

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If you were waiting, this is resolved now and looks to be working fine again. I can log in without issues to ZT Dash.

it’s not resolved for me

What error are you getting / what are you doing when the errors occurs?
Cloudflare declared the incident resolved, and personally I get no error using the zero trust dashboard, changing tunnel settings and such

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