Can't access Zero Trust dashboard to disable Cloudflare Access

Hello Cloudflare Community!

A while ago i enabled Cloudflare Access on a staging subdomain to protect it. Now after switching to a different domain and having the old one redirect to it, i found out that apparently Access had moved to the Zero Trust dashboard. Now the issue is, whenever i click on “Zero Trust” or try to launch the dashboard in any other way, it redirects me a bunch of times and ends on the below error screen. I haven’t found any other ways of disabling Access, and i also couldn’t even buy a Zero Trust plan if i wanted since i don’t get past that error message.

Just to confirm, if you visit in a private/incognito window and log in do you see the same page?

Yep, same outcome. There’s also nothing of note in the console.

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Thank you, please capture a HAR of this and email it to [email protected] along with a description of the issue, from the email address on your account. When you get an autoresponse with a ticket number, please post it here.

Details on HARs if you need them:

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Thanks for the quick help!
Ticket number is #2482544

Thanks, I’ve escalated that ticket.

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Just to follow up on this, did you save a HAR file and add it to the ticket? It’s been noted on the community escalation that there’s no HAR there.


Hi @user18707, I have reopened the ticket, and asked you for a HAR file there. Please reply, so we can investigate further.