Can't access your 2FA device or backup codes?

This is related to my company account “{redacted - don’t share email addresses}”. I’m writing this topic using my personal account as my company account is blocked by cloudflare since late September this year.

When I follow the link “Can’t access your 2FA device or backup codes?”.

The system recognizes my email address and sends a code to my inbox.

However, in step 2 “Verify device” the system does not recognize my device.

This is the only device I use to connect to my account. So the only variation should be the IP address.

Could you please unblock me? as this is impacting my performance with the client.

I already sent an email to support a couple of days ago without a reply yet.

Please help me to solve this.

Best regards,
Jorge {redacted}

This won’t work in the Community. Open a ticket by sending an e-mail to [email protected] from the main e-mail on your account.

I’ve sent but I have received no replies.

Then that’s not e-mail in your account.