Can't access wp amin page when cloudflare is on?


I saw a few similar topics but yet I didn’t manage to fix my issue.

Is it possible that one of these things could be a problem :

1/ I had put an IP restriction on my htacess (to improve my security) : should I delete it ?

2/ I already had setup and SSL from Let’s encrypt and when I acitvate Cloudflare > the Cloudflare SSL become live instead of the other one (which has a shorter lifetime…) > should I delete my other certificate ?

More infos >
-I had setup the page rules as suggested on the community…
-I am using full ssl > all pages are working fine with Cloudflare actived but not the admin page (which redirects me to my 404 custom page)
-My web hosting provider is godaddy

I also tried the flexible SSL + wordpress plugin to fix it but it didn’t work )

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Hmmm… at the moment it doesn’t appear you have Cloudflare on (I see a let’s encrypt cert and the IP doesn’t resolve to Cloudflare)… and when I try to go to your /wp-admin/ on the www site it gives me a 404.

If your IP restriction is to your IP, that won’t be the IP you see when it goes through Cloudflare… so that does sound like the likely cause here. Try removing that restriction and see if you can hit the page through Cloudflare then.

Yes it is good now.

I indeed thought the IP restriction could be the problem but I thought that the bypass rule could make them both work but since I have delete my IP restriction in my htaccess I indeed don"t have any problem logging into my admin panel anymore.


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