Can't Access WP admin after pointing NS to Cloudflare

I’ve been using Hostgator as my hosting but recently I was told to switch my GoDaddy domain NS to Cloudflare. However, when I do this my Wordpress site that I set up in Hostgator is no longer accessible. When I try to log in to my wordpress admin I get a 403 error. But when I switch back to Hostgator NS everything works fine.

How can I use Cloudflare NS and still be able to access my Wordpress?

I created NS inside of Cloudflare to point to Hostgator NS but they don’t seem to work.

Did your website use HTTPS (with SSL certificate) before you moved to Cloudflare?

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Just found out the free SSL for it in Hostgator was not active and had a rep force the https. Thanks for reminding me!


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