Cant access WordPress site over tunnel?

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I am a beginner with cloudflare..
This is a home "lab" based setup
I have a server with docker hosting a few web based images: nextcloud, jellyfin, and 2 wordpress installs (which were built one at a time).  Honestly, I installed the second one trying to figure out if the problem I am having was a bad install / config of the first one.

Access to the jellyfin and nextcloud sites works without issue.  Jellyfin is on 8096, nextcloud is 8484.  No problems.

I ran through the initial WP admin setup prior to trying to access the site through cloudflare.  Therefore the public hostname built on the tunnel for this site is just and the service url is http://localhost:8686

Please tell me if any of this seems incomplete.  It is identical to how I configured the other two working sites.
When I try to access the site in a browser, cloudflare redirects me to
I have no idea why it insists on slapping the back-end port on the public url.  Obviously it is not doing this for the working sites.
I am able to access and use the WP site locally without issue.

I built a second WP site on 8585.  Same issue.

Just to make sure I hadnt accidentally made some random cloudflare change that is affecting new site configurations, I put up a simple web server image and configured it the same way.  That one works as expected.

So I am stumped.  Is there a special consideration / configuration for wordpress sites to work over a tunnel?


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