Cant access wordpress admin panel or homepage

I recently took over managing a website that had many errors on it. First error I tried to fix was some buggy plugins that were causing issues on the site, so I decided to disable some to see if it fixed my issues. After disabling WP rocket in a trial an error fashion of bug fixing, the entire dashboard was then locked and I was stuck in a infinite redirect loop for both the homepage and admin pages, and clearly cannot edit anything else.

Other pages on my site still work (gallery, about us, contact, etc) but mysite,com:2083 does not work, says web server is down (error with host not responding).

I would love some help on resolving this, after a ton of searching I found that I could use an FTP client to help (or cpanel), but I do not have any of the credentials to access it, the person who previously managed the site doesn’t have the info either. Is there any way on getting this info, because otherwise my site is down and there is literally nothing I can do about it.

Im at a complete loss on what to do and any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for reading.

Do you have a screenshot of the error, how can support replicate due you have steps ?

Are you able to capture whats going on in a browser and link it here?

See HAR file

After a day of messing around with dreamhost, I finally got access back, however I still get the error despite the site working. I’ll close this for now until I get access to the proper Cloudflare account (this isnt the right one) to better look into this,

Thats the error I get for reference, anyways thanks for responding have a good day.

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