Can't access with my new DNS NameServers of Cloudnet

Hey guys,

I can’t connect anymore with my dns entry since I changed the nameservers to the cloudnet nameservers. I think its a nameserver error (this was the answer of my hoster and I should contact you) so i think somewhere in the change Cloudflare got a problem anyone help?

See you

Where did you get the nameserver pair you entered for Cloudflare? Not from the Cloudflare UI. Your zone is not active on Cloudflare under your account and is pointing to incorrect Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar.

So i just entered my Cloudflare nameservers to my Nameservers of my hoster or what do you mean?


They need to be fixed at your registrar.

So how can i do this?

Is this correct?

If that matches the two name servers on the DNS page of your Cloudflare Dashboard, then that’s correct.

Yeah it matches but my DNS isn’t working…

It can take up to 48 hours for name server changes to take effect.

While you’re waiting, double check your DNS entries here to make sure they match the IP addresses of your DNS records at your web host.

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Yeah it matches but still not working probably have to wait.

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No longer a cipher mismatch but I predict your next question: :wink:

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So guys is here everything ok?

Because I can’t change the Proxy state from my A type " ** * ** " to with proxy i can just type there just dns

Yeah i know this problem but this one is too one of my problem wich i can’t fix because everything should be fine idk

You need an Enterprise Plan to proxy wilcard records.

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