Can't Access Website with ISP Indonesia (TELKOM)

Why Cloudflare always have problem with ISP telkom in Indonesia?
now we from Indonesia can’t access website who used DNS from Cloudflare.

And I can’t access my site too because this issue.

Just information, ISP Telkom is the biggest ISP In my country. if this issue can’t solved as soon as possible, I am worried my visitor will gone


Indeed, there is an issue with ISP Telkom. We are experiencing issues since a few weeks ago but since last night all our websites using Cloudflare are completely unreachable including our European web hosting.

We just submitted a support ticket to Cloudflare and hope to have a solution promptly.

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You’re not giving us much helpful information. What actually happens when you try to visit the site?

Show this evidence to your ISP

Hey guys,
We’re having the issue where ISP Telkom Indonesia is not able to reach any website using Cloudflare. This is an old issue that is now only getting worse without any help from the ISP.

So we are now considering when these issues happen again ( the situation is not continuous ), perhaps we can tell Cloudflare through some way to redirect traffic through another server location or something ?

Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance.


I don’t think there’s anything Cloudflare will do, especially since it’s an issue with your ISP. The best thing you can do is complain and get other people to complain

It would also help if you gave us some diagnostics, what do you mean “can’t reach any website using Cloudflare”

What happens when you ping

What happens when you visit ?

Well, I am thinking of a Cloudflare feature which could be used to perhaps redirect traffic through a different region.

When pinging or Cloudflare, it’s all good likewise when accessing - but when accessing the websites hosted at our European hosting and including the hosting, they basically never finish loading with no paint appearing. MTR and traceroute show proper network yet these websites are not reachable, not loading.

With respect and appreciation,


yes same…

since yesterday can’t acces all web Cloudflare…but official and login can acces

example web Cloudflare…
i check ping -t and ping -t

got Request Time Out fot that…

now 4.20 pm jakarta time can acces and ping ok…

but i still pause my website…waiting for stable

Salam kenal mas, terimakasih sudah mewakili pertanyaan saya. Sorry to speak in our own language… Bahasa Indonesia…

I think my website has the same trouble too

So you mean we should complain to Telkom Indonesia or what? Sorry for my bad English

you already try check your website again now? i think now is normal…try clear cache and purge cache

Anyone can please check again?

yes… error again yesterday and now still request time out / down for indhihome, telkomsel, telkom
but access dashboard cloudflare not down… strange

better try pause your site…

i have some problem with my website too, if i open using myrepublic, turbo, or another ISP that website opened

I have to turn off the CDN to make it accessible. I think CF can help us by change the IP addresses of the CDN (IP Ranges), especially for paid users.

Yup, if i remove the cdn . my web work normally

Provide trace route information here

paket cloudflare pro juga gangguan ya ?
kamu pakai paket apa? pro/ bisnis atau enterprise?

am free still slow down 4 may 2020, 11 pm

Problem is all websites who use cloudflare features like Proxy or DNS will cannot opened from visitor Indonesia with ISP by Telkom.

Website always loading or sometimes error timeout etc.
i have been report this issue via ticketed to cloudflare team

thank you verymuch bro :innocent: