Cant access Website over Cellular but WiFi OK

Hello. New to Cloudflare and it seems great but need some help. I have a website and server in my home which I have setup the website with I was getting some some pings of automated attacks so I found Cloudflare for a more secure environment.

Here is the problem - My registrar is DynDNS (it is a standard paid account). I placed the DNS nameservers obtained from Cloudflare in the DynDNS nameserver location.

On the Dyn nameserver location it now says not configured correctly (maybe it looks for a specific Dyn nameserver?

But the Cloudflare site seems to think the website is ok. So now for the main issue -
I can access the website over WiFi (pointing to the website) but I cannot access over cellular (using a iPhone for example) I enable and disable both to make sure that only the one type of connection is valid.

Then if I go back and change the DynDNS nameserver to the original DynDNS version it works over both cellular and WiFi…

So strange… Any ideas? Is DynDNS Standard account ok to use with Cloudflare?

Thanks for any ideas/help!


Never mind on the above question. I think the nameservers were not resolved yet. Seems ok now.


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