Can't access website from some devices

Hello everyone.
I deployed a web app and it’s api The domain was transferred from one provider to another, and the process finished about 2 days ago. I changed the nameservers to cloudflare about 2 days ago. Made 2 dns A records, one for relictsshop and another for demjansk-api, both pointing to VPS address. My phone opens the page without any trouble, incognito, different browsers - no problem. But when doing it from other phone, it doesn’t open (screenshot attached).
The website has no SSL certs, hence I disabled SSL/TLS encryption in settings. I also created a rule and disabled all the encryption and https rewrites.
Anyone had similar issue? Any help would be appreciated.

You should check your origin server, it appears that the DNS record is not being proxied. That error typically results from the use of Flexible SSL setting, as something keeps attempting to redirect to either http or https.

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