Cant Access Website from shared server

After changing the name servers to Cloudflare ns, I cant access my website, because in the A name there is IPV4 address but due to it is now in shared server, site is not accessible via ip, i have to use ip address/~ then c panel username to access the site via IP.
Is there any fix available in Cloudflare dns settings so that i can use Cloudflare ns to access site??

I am not sure what the issue is. What is the domain name? Have you been able to access it via your domain name before switching to Cloudflare?

yes without Cloudflare it is working

And the other question?

i have godaddy shared hosting. I cant access the site when it is using the Cloudflare NS. why?

She asked what your domain name is. What’s the URL?

:face_with_monocle: Et tu, Brute? :smile:

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Right now, it’s not using Cloudflare, so there’s not much we can check. Can you switch it back to Cloudflare?

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yes 5 min

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I see you’ve switched to Cloudflare’s name servers. In Cloudflare DNS settings, is your domain also set to :orange:?

yes everything done, I am not new to here I have already used it with other free hosting, but here is not woking

Your SSL status is one of the Fulls, isnt it?


What’s your SSL setting on the Cloudflare Crypto page? It’s either Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict).

If it’s Full, try Flexible.

it is full

I’d actually recommend Off. Flexible is nice but extremely deceptive to visitors. Different subject, I know :smile:

my main motive to use https i.e free ssl

Then you best switch it to Full strict and talk to your host to properly activate HTTPS.

they are not saying anything when there is Cloudflare NS